2011 GTI brakes still hum when stopped!

I have an Mk6 GTI and over the last few months it has developed a squeak/humming noise. In the mornings, before the car warms up, there is a fairly loud squeal/hum from my front passenger side during braking. However, even when the car stops, the hum continues (though quieter) until I release the brake. This goes on until the car warms up - about 10 minutes. I’ve had the brakes checked and the calipers serviced. My shop says the pads are in good shape. Please help!

A loose, vibrating heat shield can cause that.Check exhaust


If it is still making the noise while you are stopped and your foot on the brake…I doubt it’s a brake problem.

@COROLLAGUY1 has a good first place to check.


Yup, it makes noise when i start braking, then when the car comes to a full stop the noise gets quieter but continues. It stop when i take my foot off the brake and start accelerating again.

Vacuum leak at or within the power brake booster?

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