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2011 GMC Terrain - Dash lights out

My dashboard…all the lights are on. i cant see how much gas or the speed or the mileage.

Try your manual first to see if the lights have been “dimmed” or shut off before you panic. Then, if you can’t figure it out, try calling the dealer to ask them if that is a possibility. I have accidentally shut off the dash illumination in test vehicles a few times.

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Here’s the Owners Manual link:

Look at Page 6-4, about page 156 of the PDF.

It’s also possible you’ve blown a fuse somehow but I’m pretty sure you’ve received good advice so far.

Your title says “dash light out”. Are some out, and some on? Or what?

I took “all lights on” to mean headlights are on. I agree the initial post isn’t as clear as it could be.