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2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid - EV Mode Wont Work

2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Purchased used with 75k miles. At about 78k the EV mode stopped working suddenly. As soon as the accelerator is depressed it goes to engine mode. MPG dropped from avg of 39 to about 32.
Had it to Ford dealer where they upgraded up the software but the problem remains. I was told the car is running normally which I know is incorrect. I cannot find a thing online from Ford about this issue

sounds like torque battery is degrading

did you ask Ford dealer to diagnose the hybrid system?
I do not know about Ford, but Toyot a set of self-monitoring options in hybrid system is quite impressive (given you have dealer tool available) and allows estimating how much battery degraded

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Did the dealership shop test the hybrid battery performance? Maybe it is no longer holding charge. The hybrid powertrain is quite complex. I expect you’ll find difficulty to find much help on the internet. A downside that comes with the decision to purchase newer technology. Since you already gave the Ford dealership a chance, next step is seek out a well recommended inde shop that works on hybrids.