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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid — do not repair order

Our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid stopped working in electric vehicle mode 2mos ago. The hybrid specific warranty in Calif where we live covers until Oct. 2020 so we took the Fusion to a Ford dealer . We were told Ford Corp has a “do not attempt to repair” order on this vehicle until engineering comes up with a fix. Still no fix after 2 mos. We have been referred to Ford’s buy back program under lemon law provision. Internet is full of planned obsolescence scenarios due to $8,000 hybrid battery cost. Can you provide any info? Thank you

You have been told Ford corp. has a do not attempt repair order. You have been referred to the buy back program . What more do you need ? Take advantage of the buy back program and move on and give serious thought to whether you really need a Hybrid .

  1. Be sure you have both the failure and the dealer’s response documented in writing - Ford, and many other companies, have a reputation for not knowing you the day after a warranty expires (ask me).

  2. Is it a battery problem or something else, like a controller? If just a battery one would think they’d have told you, but this is a dealer, and Ford …

  3. Do some research, if it’s a common problem it’s likely to be addressed Fusion users forums. Ask at independent shops that specialize in hybrids.

  4. Is a new battery really $8000? This is in the range of a a first gen. Nissen Leaf battery which has something like 80mi. range. Standard Prius hybrid batteries (only ~ 0.5-1mi. pure electric range) are much less, though expect more if this is a plug-in hybrid with a substantially larger battery than a plain hybrid.

  5. The buyback might be a good ticket out, especially if the model is considered a lemon. In my book there’s only one company with a solid hybrid track record, Toyota.

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Gotta agree with Volvo. Ten years old and they’ll buy it back. Take it and run.


You may have the problem (and solution) described in this thread. It worked for me.


You can get a replacement Fusion hybrid battery for less than $4000.

Am I the only one that feels it’s implausible Ford corporate will buy back a 10-year old car . . . ?!

Until I see the offer on the table, just waiting for my signature . . . I’ll be very skeptical

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Idunno - Volkswagen bought back my 8 year old Jetta Diesel! :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with a buyback program is the OP has a car that is presumably paid off and would have to replace it with something else. The price given for the buy back may be deemed ‘fair’ but still leave the OP in a worse position financially, not unlike an insurance settlement from an accident. The fact that Ford will not repair the car kind of forces the issue, though.

Did you read the other discussion . . . the one where the customers had the battery “hours” reset back to zero, thus regaining full functionality and restoring fuel economy to normal levels . . . ?!

Note it won’t be a Ford dealer doing the reset, but an independent shop

There are often 2nd and 3rd opinions, and multiple choices to be made


Way to little information here. When there’s a situation where the dealer says that Ford said… blah, blah, blah … the only thing you can do is insist your way through the maze until you get an actual, official Ford document that supports all this stuff. Make your requests in writing, keep copies, keep a diary of every transaction, date, time, name of the person you talked to, etc. They will avoid writing things down; make them do it or write it yourself and make them sign it.

I did a fast search and found the next two paragraphs in

Reduced Electric Vehicle Operation Of 2010 - 2012 Fusion Hybrid

Many owners complained to Ford about greatly reduced gas mileage after 9 years of operation because of reduced electric vehicle operation and increased gasoline engine operation. Ford notified their dealers that they are investigating a fix:

TSB #SSM 48238 "Oct 3 2019 8922 - 2010-2012 Fusion HEV, 2010-2011 Milan HEV, 2011-2012 MKZ HEV - Reduced ElectricVehicle Operation

Some 2010-2012 Fusion hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), 2010-2011 Milan HEV and 2011-2012 MKZ HEV vehicles may experience reduced electric vehicle operation and increased gasoline engine operation. Do not attempt repairs at this time. Engineering is investigating, monitor OASIS for updates."

Just to clarify, Ford is not suggesting replacing the batteries and resetting the software?

Many folks have reset the ‘birth date’ on these batteries, solving the problem. Ford won’t do it.


I’d do it . . . or pay a shop to do it, if necessary

Even if Ford corporate were to buy back the car . . . which I don’t believe at this moment . . . 10 years have passed, and it won’t be nearly enough to buy the equivalent car new, which would mean you’d have to come up with the difference or finance the rest. As we were talking about in a different discussion, this might not be the time to take on new financial obligations

My guess is that if Ford has a buy back, it would be at current fair market value for the car, not the original MSRP.

And if they get really sneaky it might be trade in on a new, looked at used prices, 5 grand and up, That surprises me especially after a do not repair. I think that is evil!

It seems to me that the original posting said the car still ran, but that it wasn’t quite so economical and ran on gasoline power more, but there was no indication the car wasn’t useful or functional. Under the circumstances I would try to get Ford on paper confirming the issue and then check with the State and Federal agencies that regulate the industry. And use the car.

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