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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Cell

My mileage has dropped from about 40 MPH to 30 MPH and my research and the age of the car, 10.5 years suggest that I need to repair or replace my hybrid battery.

Because I am retired and have worked with electrical control circuits and three-phase power and some say cheap I would like to clean the contact and replace the degraded cells.

Has anyone worked on the hybrid battery on a 2010 Ford Fusion?

Specifically, where can I buy the cells and if needed any special tools.

One of the reasons I want to do it myself is I have seen very poor electrical workmanship.

I’m only cheap spending on myself, when I am with friends and family I almost always pay.

I miss the show, for many years I saved Saturday and Sunday mornings for Cat Talk.

If you have a question about three-phase power or air compressors please ask.

it may happen that your battery is still OK, but Ford has a computer-controlled timer which reduces the load on it in order to “save” it (??)

read this thread for more info:

my view on this: somehow Toyota managed not to introduce this “pre-programmed efficiency reduction” into their cars and they keep going for 15+ years



Carefully read the discussion @thegreendrag0n mentioned above. I fixed my 2011 MKZ hybrid (same system as your Fusion) using the web site linked in that discussion.