2010 Ford Fusion Power Steering Service NOW

Helppp. Power Steering quit working again. My 2010 Ford Fusion SE issues started 4yrs ago, turned my car off an back on an the power steering quit, turned it back off an on it worked. This happened a few times then eventually the power steering just went out when i turned it back on, paid an independent shop to have the rack n pinion changed. VERY PRICEY so I was good for 2yrs. Recently it went out again. I have a warranty on the rack so just paid labor and had it changed again. Worked grea for less than a month. During that month I’ve had 2 bad tires that I’ve had to put air in here an there (couldnt afford a new set at the time) anyway I was getting an alert/ message on the dash saying “tire pressure fault sensor” while driving a couple times. (New tires and rims are on their way.)
My question: I’ve seen where those sensor messages coming on and bad tire pressures can cause the power steering to spaz and cut itself off. When I relpace the tires and have the codes erased should this fix my power steering? Or will i need to replace the rack AGAIN. Anyone have any suggestions that could help me with this issue. Maybe its not the tires at all just a fluke idk much about cars, but this is my only transportation and I’ve got to have some sort of power steering it’s killing my hands (carpal tunnel) to try an turn the durn thing! Fingers crossed you guys can help in someway. God bless :heart:


Very unlikely this will fix the steering. Sorry.

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Looking at Carcomplaints.com, power steering failure is common is this age Fusion. Now I get to worry about my 2011 MKZ (Fusion clone).

Power steering electrical seems it might be a known problem, but is the steering rack itself a problem too?