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2011 Ford F150

I cannot figure out the interior lights by using the dimmer switch. Starting the vehicle and then trying to turn on either passenger or driver front dome light will not work. I continuously depress the right side of the dimmer switch it will turn on the REAR dome light and by depressing again it will shut off the REAR dome light. I can push either light in the front and it will not turn on. Once driving down the road and reaching a decent speed (40+) I can push the buttons and it will turn on and off by simply pushing the light. The buttons you use to turn on either light up front actually feels different—it easily “clicks” the light on.

Why will the front dome lights not work by simply pressing on them? (I do notice that the dimmer switch does not really do much to dim the instrument panel, but ultimately I just want to be able to push the driver/passenger dome light and have it turn on and by pressing again have it turn off.

You’ve definitally have a electrical problem. The map lights should turn on and off by pushing on them. I’m sure, without going out and checking, the dimmer does nothing to the map lights. I think if you turn the dimmer switch to full bright, the map lights turn on. The dimmer switch should make the dash light go from bright to completely off.