Help! 2011 Ford Taurus dimming dash lights

Since shortly after I purchased my 2011 Taurus Ltd I’ve experienced the dashboard lights dimming or turning off completely when I’m in a tunnel or large overpass. This has happened where they go out as I’m driving down the road, especially on long trips. The dealer replaced the entire dash system but the problem returned. The service techs tell me they really don’t know the cause, can’t find a repair report on the problem. I think the problem results from the sensor on the automatic dimming device for interior lights. The inside atmosphere lights no longer are all the same color; again they tell me they can’t find a service report to fix the problem. The car has only a little over 32,200 actual miles on it. I loved driving the car and would keep it longer but I’m tired of the lack of solutions from the Ford dealer. Can you help me, PLEASE!

Its a Ford,what did you expect?

I’m seeking answers, not sarcasm. Toyota has plenty of its own problems, least of which are leathal acceleration, airbag recalls, and executive illegal activities. Blow it out your exhaust, bozo.

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Is there an option to turn off auto dim feature? May be a headlight setting, or turning brightness for instrument panel to the brightest setting as a workaround.

The panel lights dim or go off even when they are set to high. Don’t know about the auto dim headlight connection but will check it out. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your taking the time to answer.

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