Clunking noise F-150 ford P/U

My ford F-150 makes a clunking noise when I release the brake at a stop light or stop sign. It sounds like it is in the transmission. It only happens when I come to a complete stop and start moving again.

You didn’t tell us how old your truck is, or how many miles it has on the odometer, but I would guess that you have a worn-out U-joint in the drive shaft. Another possibility is that the splined shaft is in need of lubrication, but I think that a bad U-joint is more likely.

That or an engine or tranny mount.
I agree with VDC; it’s something that’s under load when the powertrain is engaged and the brakes applied, and the load released when the brakes are disengaged (unengaged? disapplied? unapplied?).

It’s a 2011 with 67,000 miles. I could go with motor mount. The drive shaft doesn’t vibrate at higher speed which would say u-joint to me. I will check out the tranny mounts and motor mounts when it stops raining. It thumps when I take foot off brake and begin to accelerate.

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If I had this truck, I think I would pay a Ford Tech to diagnose it.