2019 Ford F-150 has mysterious brake noise

2019 F=150 Lariat FX-4. About 8000 miles and 16 months of ownership. Last 6 months or so there is an annoying rotational out of balance noise when I brake, if I brake gently which is my usual method. If I bear down on the brake pedal and brake hard, though not a panic stop, the noise isn’t there.
Had it to the dealership twice. They’ve turned the left rear rotor twice, but that didn’t fix it. Any ideas?

Yeah, keep after the dealership to fix it. The truck is under warranty, you deserve a properly operating truck so make them fix it or buy it back.

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Not very helpful, but thanks. Already doing as you suggested.

What I am looking for specifically was any ideas on what the problem might be, or what might be causing the noise. Could it be the ABS controller, axle bearing, improperly balanced wheel/tire?? If the gear heads in the audience have a suggestion, please pass it along.

Those are some possibilities, but you need to be aware that if you tell the folks at the dealership to replace “X” and that repair doesn’t work, then you will have to pay for the repair. The only way to have this repaired under warranty is to have a dealership diagnose and repair the problem. And, if you have repairs done by your own mechanic, you run the risk of voiding the warranty if something is not done properly.

If your dealership is currently unwilling or unable to do what is needed, then I strongly suggest that you “kick it up a notch” by contacting Ford at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

When I had supposedly insoluble problems with my Taurus, my complaint to the corporate folks resulted in them sending the Regional Service Supervisor (or something to that effect) to the dealership, and after observing the problem, she was able to “motivate” the dealership to do the required repair.

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Does it go away after a long trip? Could be rust developing, that can go away by itself. Did they tell you why they turned the rotor? Rust, pitting, warped?

They said it was rust. The truck sits out almost 24/7/365. I had a 2010 F150 XLT previously for 9 years that also sat out almost 24/7/365 and did not have this problem. Also didn’t have near the amount of electronics, controllers, etc. this beast has!

I would ignore it and drive it more. Different metal content of rotors I guess. Our 2017 toyota sits 4 or 5 days and it happens, had a ford truck at work and it would happen overnight.

Maybe you are not braking hard enough to clean the rotors of over night moister rust . Find an empty parking lot ( wat too easy to do these days ) and make several hard stops from about 30 mph and see if that helps.


I have a 2020 f150 that does the same thing. I have put rotors and pads on front and rear under warranty at a local ford dealer. They had the chassis ears hooked up to it and verified it was coming from there. It is still doing it. I have only gotten 4900 miles on my truck and it has been doing it since about 1200 miles. What has the dealer told you if they have told you anything?

I looked at safercar.gov. For the 2018 through 2020 model years, there are no recalls, investigations, complaints, or manufacturer communications. IMO, this is an unusual problem. Maybe there is something about how you use the truck that lends itself to squeaky brakes.

I have a 2019 f-150 fx4 doing the same thing it’s at the dealer now, started at about 7-8 k miles I now have 26000 miles on it and this is the what seems to be 6th or 700th time in the shop still no definite answers they keep changing hub assemblies and brakes