2011 Ford Explorer - burning smell after limp mode

car went into limp mode , got home slowly but safely . burning smell of hot brakes but had that checked out but that was not it. does not happen all the time. do not know when it will happen.

this not your problem but is something you and other 2011-2017 explorer owners should be aware of.

The 2011-2017 Ford Explorer Has A Dangerous Defect That Ford Has Known About For Years. - YouTube

when your vehicle goes into limp mode it sets off a check engine light. a code gets stored and can be read with a code reader. even if the light does not stay on. A lot of auto parts stores will scan your vehicle codes for free. if you post the code here, we might be able to help you. the more info we have the better of a chance we can help.

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Maybe that burning smell is the transmission. Especially depending upon the mileage and as in most cases; a lack of service.

Who checked out the brakes?