2011 Ford Escape gas smell after fillup

Does anyone have a gas smell in the passenger compartment after filling up car?

apparently you do… :slight_smile:

is the smell ONLY after fill ups? Do you pull the filler nozzle out when it cuts itself off, or do you round up to the next dollar or so?
Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?
any rough driving or other symptoms?

Yes, its only after a walet draining trip to the pump. As soon as the nozzle cuts out, I stop pumping. No check engine light on. Just had 100k tune up but this has pretty much happened since I had car. Bought it with 22k miles on it.

And no rough ride. It accelerates great.

You may have a leaks seal on the fuel pump.
When the tank is full, it’s easier for a little fuel to slosh thru the gasket and the fuel will wet the top of the tank
when you go over bumps and such.
Sometimes this gas that spills overt is not enough to be a noticeable leak.

You will have to drop the tank to see if that seal area is damp.
Be sure you have as little gas as possible when you drop the tank, or it will be heavier than heck.


I did in my car, I found if I fill it up slow when I get near the gallons I assume I need no smell, no costly repair and not a major inconvenience, 8 years or so I have been doing that.

This TSB applies to your vehicle.