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Gas smell in car after filling up

The last couple of times I have filled up my gas tank, it has left the car smelling very strongly of gas. My children have remarked and complained repeatedly. This has never happened or been present before. Does it have anything to do with the age or mileage of the vehicle? It is due for scheduled maintenance. Please give me your advice. Thanks! Janice

I would not leave this one go, especially since you appear to have children in the car at times. Most mechanics should be able to find the problem. Cost will depend on where the problem is.

"Does it have anything to do with the age or mileage of the vehicle?"
I don’t know, what is the age and mileage for your vehicle?
It could be a minor issue with the fuel tank vapor recovery system, or it could be a serious problem that leads to your vehicle bursting into flames as you are driving. If I couldn’t check the problem out myself, I’d seek immediate professional help.


WOW! It has 80,000 miles on it. It’s a 2003 Suzuki XL7.
Ok I will do that. I just found a really great mechanic.

The smell goes away after driving for a couple of days. Our gas pumps in Vegas have auto shut off so I am not able to top off. Does that make it less “dangerous” or “immediate”?

Since it doesn’t allow topping off, then that rules out one possible problem

What? Spillage?

Some vehicles are prone to having their evap system fouling up when extra fuel is put in. Usually the charcoal canister is damaged, and it’s darned expensive to replace.
Usual symptom of it is not being able to fill the tank very quickly, it’s a common problem if you search for fill u p problems on this board.

Thanks for the info…
Are you suggesting it may be the evap sys. foul-up? Price to repair doesn’t scare me, it’s the “driving and bursting into flames” issue that scares me. I can have my mechanic look at it tomorrow but I was leaving the car with my daughter for the weekend and I don’t want to have any MAJOR concerns. Please feel free to convince me otherwise…

Do not get anymore gas or let anyone ride in your XR7 until it is fixed,all it may take is at a red light someone throwing a cig out the window and BOOM!!!
Your gas cap has a rubber seal that keep gas vapors from going into the air.
Attached to the filler neck is a hose that runs to the front and goes into a can that has charcoal in it to absorb some of the gas fumes and there is a hose on top of can that goes to motor.
The hose on the filler neck has a check valve that keeps pressure from getting to high and vents vapor to can,then into motor.
If charcoal gets saturated you have to buy a new one $200-$400. This is why you never NEVER top off tank.
So I think either cap seal is bad or hose to can has a leak.
If tank or gas feed line was leaking you would smell gas all the time unless you have a hole on top of tank.
Please do not drive it anywhere but to repair guy,it is not worth it.