Elantra groaning only when turning left at speed

2011 Elantra 4DR Limited

My Elantra has been making a noticeable groaning/deep humming noise when driving over 30mph and turning the wheel to the right, never the left. When the wheel is at the “12-o-clock” position and I’m cruising, I hear no noise whatsoever. However the second I turn it to the right, even a millimeter, the groan begins. It is louder the faster I go. If I bring the wheel back to the center, the noise stops. It seems super sensitive to the wheel position. Noise sounds like it is coming from the front.

I have also noticed when I apply the brakes to come to a stop the groan has happened too… for example when on a highway and braking for an exit ramp.

Any idea what this could be? There is no groan when parked, only when moving. I can try to get a video up tomorrow.


It sure sound like a bad wheel bearing.Try posting a sound clip.

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