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2011 Dodge Grand Caravan whining at 25 mph

When driving at 25mph I hear a whining gear noise that goes away if I speed up or slow down. I can also hear the same gear noise at 17mph but I don’t usually drive at that speed. Turning the volume up on the radio drowns out the noise haha. Anyone else have this same problem?

Does this noise appear, only when you touch the brakes?
If so, you are probably due for new brakes.

If this sound is there without touching the brakes, try the following.

Find a nice quiet, straight road where there is little traffic.
Get the car up above 30mph and put the shifter if Neutral.

If you still hear the noise…it is most likely a wheel bearing.


I’ve experienced the same problem with my 2011 Grand Caravan. It’s a very metal / tin sound. Almost like a heat shield is lose or something. Only happens when above 25 mph though. Mine only happens when I am at speed and barely press on the accelerate to just increase my speed slightly. If I accelerate into passing gear then the sound goes away instantly.

Then, my transmission went out @ 180,000. That made me think it was a “symptom” of a transmission failure. However, just got the van back and the sound is still there. Mechanic said to bring back next week and he’ll look at it while conducting an “transmission check” on the new tranny he just put in.

Anybody else experiencing this sound? If so, what was it?