2013 Dodge Caravan high pitched noise

My Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 2013 reached 301,000 kms and yesterday the gear does not go more than 80-90 kms/hr with high sound like reaching the mx level of the gear? Any advise plz?

Huh?? Does that mean you can’t go any faster than 90 km/hr because the engine is revving at its maximum?

If that is the case, your transmission is broken and needs service. And maybe a rebuild. Get ready for a large repair bill.

It sounds to me like the transmission is in limp mode and therefore won’t shift past 2nd gear. Often this is caused by a sensor that is screwed into the side of the trans going bad - or its wiring. This is not very expensive to diagnose and replace. Let’s hope that is your situation. Internal trans repairs are expensive. Good luck. Please let us know your results.