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2011 Dodge Caliber - Starter

I have 2 issues with my '11 Caliber “HEAT”

  1. Recently I been having “starter” issues. Intermittently, I will turn the key to start, I hear a click or two, let go of the key, and the starter starts my car. Brand new battery.
  2. I have a CVT transmission, replaced at 67K, then under warranty. Currently 113K. Transmision Temp light will go on if I have been traveling for an hour over 70MPH. I let it cool down for 30 minutes, and on my merry way for the same amount of time, but under 70mph…Jiffy Lube states the fluid needs to be changed…No, I won’t let THEM change it, but why is my CVT over heating.

Probably too much debris in your fluid from wear. I would change it but I would NOT let ANY quick lube place do it. I would trust myself or the dealer and if I did it myself I would get the fluid at the dealer.

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