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Dodge Caliber Question

I have 2007 Dodge Caliber. When it hot outside, and I am going uphill, the car starts to run rough and then shuts down.The Trans Over Temp Light comes on. A message comes on saying that the transmission fluid is overheating. The dealer says that the fluid level is good, and there is no metal flecks in the fluid. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Fuel filter is plugged up, causing engine to lose power and misfire. This causes the transmission to unlock and downshift, leading to transmission overheating on a long climb…

Just a wild guess…Cure the “Engine starts to run rough” and you will also cure the transmission problem…

Kid, Do You Have A CVT And 2.4L Engine ?


It is a CVT, but a 2.0L

Lets hope you have Chrysler lifetime power train warranty. This seems to be common on Jatco transmissions. A co-worker has a Nissan Rogue that does the same thing when it gets hot.

Saying the fluid level is good and there are no flecks present does not mean anything at all. How many miles on this car? My son has an '07 Caliber with a CVT and I think the owners manual recommends changing the trans fluid at 30k miles intervals.

Short of that, I’d get the car scanned for codes if this has not been done and the fuel filter as mentioned could be behind this problem.