2011 Chevrolet Traverse - seized engine

Hello, I have a 2011 chevy traverse. I was recently told that it has a seized engine. I am still not sure what to do yet, I’m just exploring my options. What will be the price if I were to get a new engine and what will be the price if I were to sell the vehicle? Thank you!

You will need to get an estimate from a shop near you since I have no idea where you are . You can price a new engine , a rebuilt engine or a used engine from a salvage yard . It is11 years old with a dead engine I doubt if anyone would pay much for it over scrape price.

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Replacement engines tend to run in the $2500 - $8000 range, depending on which type you get. Lower prices from junkyard, wrecked Traverse. Higher prices, new crate engines, or factory rebuilt used engines. Check what your local junkyards have in stock, a used engine from a wrecked vehicle often a pretty good way to go, make sure they offer an acceptable warranty. Make sure you understand the warranty’s coverage of labor, if another junkyard engine is required in the event the first one doesn’t work.

As far as what price you’d get selling a Traverse w/failed engine, hmmm … I’m guessing a few hundred dollars. If you have space to park it, and local code allows, could probably sell the parts individually online or local for a tidy profit.