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Car value / used engine

I am looking for the price of used engines so that I can determine a fair price for the van I am selling. I plan to sell as- is and make an adjustment for parts, labor and some markup (since I know most indiv. looking at it will want it for resale).

Any suggestions for pricing engines?

Any thoughts on pricing?

Call your local junk yard (excuse me, Auto Recycling Facility) for a price on a used engine.

Or search online.

On pricing there is serious risk on buying a vehicle is not running. For example a failed transmission may be lurking or other serious problems. You also are selling a risky headache.

So beyond the price of repair you must make the vehicle attractive which means bottom dollar.

Which engine? Somebody would have to know that. Year is important too.

vehicle runs… just has a knocking noise in engine… my intent is to advertise this vehicle as a van that needs a rebuilt engine.

3.3L 6 cylinder , year is 2002

As to engine prices and I don’t know how they do it elsewhere, a higher miles engine around here (100k and up) generally brings a dollar per cubic inch. Mid-range engines a couple or three dollars per inch and low miles engines as much as 3 or 4 dollars per inch. Labor excluded.

Since you have a 3.3 that’s roughly 210 inches.

That’s a very iffy formula I gave you as so much depends on the area, the demand for a certain engine in that area, etc.

If it seems to run good and the only problem is the knock there is a possibiity anyway that dropping the oil pan and throwing a new set of rod and main bearings in it could cure that problem; at least over the short or mid-term range. Much would depend on what shape the crank journals are in.

I have a 2002 T&C with 96000 miles on it with very little rust and I would be lucky to get $2500 for it and mine runs great. When you factor in the cost of an engine, the cost of installation,The chance that everything will go right with the new engine and the bother of having it done, I don’t think a buyer will see much value in your van.

WOW! Only $2500 for a 2002 T&C with < 100K?? Those go for about $4000-4500 here if they are running great. I don’t want to deal with the chance that I could shell out $2000 for rebuilt and labor and then have that engine go out. So I plan to sell and let whoever buys know they will need a new engine or major engine work. Probably a mechanic will want it so they can make some money on it.

I live in a climate where cars get no rust… that might be the difference.

What would you give for the van “as is?”

If the knocking noise isn’t too loud, it could be a loose rocker arm or a sloppy timing chain or loose timing gear. Any one of these would be a quick cheap fix. I think I’d investigate this first.

That and the fact that people won’t pay the same amount for a private party sale that they will to a used car dealer.