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Sell it or repair it?

So long story short, something has catastrophically failed in the engine of my 2003 G35 and it’s consuming about 1 qt of oil every 150 miles. I’ve taken it to the Infiniti dealer as well as another shop and both have said to replace the engine, with quotes coming anywhere from $3800 for a used with 117k miles to a re-manufactured engine for about $7000 (price in both cases includes the install). The 117k mile engine has a 6 month/6k mile warranty and the re-man has a 100k mile warranty. I’ve inquired around about having someone do a rebuild on it and the shops that I’ve talked to that will actually do it are talking about $6000.

I’m hesitant to get a used engine because I don’t know what the last owner has done or hasn’t done to it, yet that’s the most economical fix. Am I being overly cautious or should I avoid a used engine? How much could I sell this car for as it is now? I’d imagine about $9000 less the cost of putting in a new engine, so about $5000 but I’m not sure (no one seems to advertise cars in this condition). It seems like putting a rebuilt engine is overkill (price-wise) for a car I was planning on selling in a couple of years anyways, but maybe not. Anyone have any advice or other suggestions? Thanks for your time!

It happens to everyone. Your timetable for replacing your car just got bumped up. No point putting that kind of money into an 03. Just move on. I don’t think the way the car sits though will get you more than $2-3,000 as a repairable. I’d be very suspect of a used engine too but like I said just move on.

Advertise it for sale “as-is” and see what kind of offers you can get. Call an Infinity dealer and see if they are interested in buying it. Infinity is a nice car but I doubt that $5000 is a realistic price since it needs an engine.

You should be able to get a used engine with a lot less than 117k miles on it for your $3800.
Call up the salvage yards near your house, and find out what they are willing to do for you.
Most have the ability to install the engine for you, usually for less than your $3800 price quote.

Are you in or near Florida, by chance?
I just looked up available motors on the website, and I see a 117k mile engine listed for $1600. That same place selling that engine has one with 63k miles on it for the exact same $1600. There are lots of other engines available with way less miles for the same amount of money.


I agree with Bladecutter. Check Some salvage yards can install their products, some can’t. Engine installation isn’t rocket science. Even the dealer’s techs aren’t PhDs, and certainly no more talented than a good independent. Any good mechanic can do it. Once you know the location of a good engine, shop around for someone to do it for you. Ask at some used car lots. Those guys usually know where to get work done on the cheap, if they don’t do it themselves. Then buy the engine and have it delivered to the shop, unless it’s theirs.