2011 Chevrolet Aveo - battery connected wrong

i have a 2011 chev aveo and i connected the battery wrong … is there a fuse blown i need to replace or do i have to take it into a chev dealer to repair

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If you have a no-power situation, most likely the fusible link in the positive battery cable has blown. Start with replacing that cable. If you are very lucky, that is the only damage. If you are not very lucky, other components could have been damaged.


Considering you installed the battery incorrectly I’d highly recommend you NOT try and fix this yourself. It doesn’t have to go to a dealer but it does need competent service. Find a local mobile mechanic to come to your car. If one is not available, it must be towed to a well-rated local, independent shop.

I generally suggest avoiding chains like Firestone, Pep-Boys, or Walmart.


That is a very good point.
Trying to “save money” with DIY repairs can frequently wind-up costing a lot more if someone isn’t really knowledgeable about mechanical matters.

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It would never have occurred to me that someone who has no mechanical ability would attempt anything more involved than pulling a dipstick… until a guy I knew decided to “save money” by changing his Chevy II’s oil himself.

Yes, you guessed it… He drained the trans fluid and wound up with twice as much oil in his engine. After that experience, he learned to “save money” in other ways.