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2007 Chevy Aveo eats batteries for dinner

For the last two years by 2007 Chevy Aveo goes dead overnight during cold weather. I’ve taken it into the dealership 4 times. First it was a bad battery, then two weeks later they said it was the trunk latch, then two weeks later they said they couldn’t find the problem and said I should just make sure and start my car every day. Now, this year after taking it in again, they say it is another bad battery. Any thoughts on what is effecting the battery so it becomes ruinned? They can’t find it with all their fancy equipment. Thanks for any help!

Take it to an independent mechanic. The dealership is not helping.

An auto parts store could test the battery and the charging system for you, most likely free.

If there’s a drain on the battery it can be located and repaired. If the battery or charging system is faulty, determined by testing, not guessing, they can be replaced.

This isn’t rocket science.

Find an independent mechanic.

There’s not enough info known to be sure. If the battery is going dead overnight this means either a bad battery or a voltage drain in the car that is running it down.

It’s at least possible to get repeated bad batteries right off the shelf and it’s also possible that a battery can be killed by an overcharging condition, but one would think the charging system was also checked during these tests.

This past summer a new battery I purchased for my lawn tractor went bad within 2 weeks. Returning it for another battery, the “new” new battery went bellyup within a week and there was no doubt about the batteries being good or bad; they were bad.

You might check with an electrical shop for another opinion and have them perform a load test on the battery. That will at least back up the diagnosis that the battery is bad or not.
Starting your car everyday is a process that should not be needed.