Chevy aveo potential electrical problems

So i have an 09 chevy aveo5, this is the hatchback model, automatic trans. The other day after starting it i noticed that the battery light was on, as well as the handbrake light. At the time i didn’t think much of it although I’ve never had any dashlights turned on. I drove about a mile and noticed that the dash lights turned off and it seemed like it was running out of battery and the alternator was not charging. I made a turn and as soon as i hit the brakes, the car stalled. I assume the alternator was not charging and therefore i drove that mile on the battery alone. I was unable to start the car, as the starter solenoid clicked but the starter didn’t turn, i assume because the car was almost completely out of battery. The central locking did work and i was able to lock the car using the remote.

Today, i had AAA try to jump start it and with the jumper cables on, nothing at all would happen when turning the keys. The dash did light up, but the needles were all jumping around, and as you turned the key, nothing would happen at all, no clicking, no anything. AAA said that probably my alternator was bad and my starter too. Now im skeptical of this because I’ve never had any problem with my starter, the day before the car started no problem. I believe that it must be an electrical issue, something draining the battery, and not allowing the car to start, more than a mechanical problem. Any opinions or other things to check??? Im probably going to have to take it in to get checked, but i would like to see if anyone has seen a similar problem.

When you simultaneously see both the brake warning light and the warning light for the charging system, it is an indication of a failing alternator. You need to have the alternator replaced–plain & simple.

If your battery is fairly new it may have survived the deep discharging that took place, but if that battery is more than a couple of years old, you will probably have to replace the battery also. As to the starter, it is unlikely that the starter has died. More than likely, after you install a new alternator and connect it to a battery with a full charge, the car will start up right away.

Thanks for the response! just out of curiosity, i would have thought that the car would at least try to start when the jumper cables are were attached, even with a failing alternator. What would the reason be for the starter not engaging?

That is most likely an indication that the battery has a dead cell or two.
Even one dead cell makes it impossible to transmit sufficient power for the starter, even if there is enough power left for electronic devices, such as the power lock mechanism, radio, and other “low-draw” accessories.

Plan on replacing both the alternator and the battery.

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Same problem am having with mine…am buying a new battery… And also working on the alternator…for mine when I jump start it works

Hey jymidey – My experience is _not to plan on anything–especially after what happened in my Chevy Aveo 2009 today. All is great just the evening before. I went to start the “entity” and not only did one or two dash lights, headlights, power locks flying up and down at an unreal speed, HOLD is blinking, engine check is blinking along with every other option on the dash, shift is locked, then the “click, click click” of the battery pretending to die - this car was going toward some sort of demonic/mechanic possession! I sat there pushing, pulling and then just listened as the car just would not start–yet it would not stop what it was doing, on it’s own, in rapid speed even AFTER I had the keys out of the ignition. This actually went on for some time. I got out of the car finally after it got tired of the show and just finally let me get out. All lights operable, no ability to start it and the last thing I did was to use the lock button on the key and a low pathetic sound came from the front grill. No exaggerations, no lies. Yep, I vote for a recall or a “cleansing”! Can’t wait to see what diagnostics has to say and in which language… :japanese_ogre