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2011 Buick Lucerne - Won't start

2011 Buick Lucerne
Intermittantly will not start, no cranking sound, just dead. If it does start the gauges are reading incorrectly, such as fuel tank on E, engine light on etc.
At dealership for 5 days running ‘diagnostics’ no solution yet. Any ideas?

Yeah, leave it at the dealership until they fix it or tow it to another dealer.

You haven’t told us enough info about the car and the problem to make a guess of any value.

Is there a Buick helpline that the dealership or I can call?

Look in your owners manual, although I’m not sure what help Buick will provide for an 8 year old car long out of warranty

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The car may have a bad BCM.


Ask your shop to measure the voltages at the starter motor’s two connectors. With the key in “start” both should measure 10.5 volts or more. Probe between the connector and the starter case. Do they?