2012 Buick Enclave failure to start

I have a 2012 Buick Enclave. in the last two months the car has failed to start many times. I have had it towed twice to three different shops, the last one being the dealer who sold me the car. I have replaced the battery to now avail. No one, not even the dealer’s fancy computers can find any reason whatsoever for the car to fail to start. It stayed at the dealership 7 days, in cold weather outside, and never failed once. It stays parked in an open, but covered carport at home. It has never had this problem before. We are desperate to get this solved. Right now it has been sitting on the car port painfully dead and useless for the last two weeks, after returning from the dealership. We drove it for three days and it was fine. But the forth day, it refused to start. During this time we have had humid, rainy weather and sunshine. Can you please help?

What do mean by “refused to start”? Turn the key and nothing? Turn the key and the starter cranks the engine ( the rrr-rrr-rrr sound) ? Which?


Thank for your question–when I turn the key, there’s nothing.

No dash lights?


No dash lights at all.

I’d start suspecting the BCM.


This may be a shot in the dark as i’m not a mechanic but my 2009 had this same exact issue. it ended up being the negative battery terminal being insanely loose and a bad relay as a result

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