Buick 2001 is dead. Why?

Several mechanics and a twice the Buick dealer have searched for the cause of

a totally dead car. It starts fine for days and then just dies…totally dead…

may not even be able to start it by jumping. No one can find connection

problems, nothing that is drawing down the battery, or whatever is causing this. Is this a history of this car or what do we do? It always happens when I have an appointment to get to…HELP! Do not want to sell it…really like the car otherwise…and don’t want to leave another person with a dead car!

Has the ignition control module been checked?

It would seem (to me at least) that when there is NO action at times when you turn the key, there must be a loose or corroded electrical connection OR possibly a damaged wire somewhere.

Other than that I’m going to guess (I’m not a tech) a major electrical component is over-heating and is setting off a relay or a breaker to protect the failing unit.

What do you mean by dead? The battery is dead or the car will not start dead?