2011 Buick LaCrosse - Engine locked up

DRIVING on I 85 in ga. going 70 mph with grandchildren in car. it shut off and the motor locked up. A mechanic came to the house and said the motor was completed locked. The car is in excellent condition and the oil was changed about a month ago. never burns oil, never leaks fluids. has 96 thousand miles.??

Sorry to hear that. Your question is??

Things happen. Is there enough oil in the car right now? Low or no oil would provide a reason why it locked up. If the underside of the oil cap looks like you barbecued a pig in there, you have oil sludge that caused the engine to fail. That is caused by not changing the oil often enough. In any event, you need a new engine.


Hat’s off to the mechanic that came to the house.

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Don’t be afraid to get a second, hands on opinion.

Can you check oil level? It’s easy. If you want too, just ask.

Two questions

Does the car have a 2.4 4 cyl or the 3.6 6 cyl engine? The 2.4 had issues with excessive oil consumption due to premature wear of the piston oil control rings.

Do you check your oil level between changes?

Ed B.

This house call mechanic should have been able to tell you why it locked up.

The usual cause is lack of oil. If your mechanic did not pull the dipstick to check the oil level then he’s on pretty shaky ground as a mechanic.

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