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2008 Buick LaCrosse knocking/rattling

My car started to make this knocking or kind of rattling sound checked my oil it was low so I added oil but I’m still getting this sound drives fine but scared to drive it with the sound…? 2008 Buick LaCrosse super

How low was it?
How much did you add to bring it up to the full mark?

If the OP had to add more than 2 qts of oil, it is entirely possible that serious engine damage was caused by the low oil level.

Also, how often is the oil changed, in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?

(Hint: If you drive only a few thousand miles per year, you need to change the oil according to the mfr’s elapsed time schedule, rather than the odometer mileage schedule. This means changing the oil at least once per year, but I favor changing it every 6 months on cars that don’t rack-up that many miles each year.)

It was really low had to add 3 quarts

It may be too late for this engine but from now on you need to check the oil on a regular schedule . Just pick one day a week and check the oil before you go anywhere.

That’s true

If you had to add that much oil, then you probably did damage the engine permanently. It wouldn’t hurt to take it to a shop for a diagnosis to be sure it’s nothing else and to get a best guess on how long you might be able to drive it before it dies on you somewhere. If it does die and you decide to replace the engine, this will be an expensive (and unnecessary) situation, I’m afraid.

Agree with the engine damage, oil is the life blood of an engine and if you ran it that low, damage has occurred. You can try to add a can of Restore (Walmart, Advance, AutoZone etc carry it) to the oil. If may quiet the noise, it might not. Your engine may last another week, month or year, no way to tell. I bet it starts to burn oil, all the more reason to check the oil more frequently. It may have already been burning oil which is why is was so low.

Well I’m taking it to a shop tomorrow to get a diagnosis hopefully it’s not as bad as I thought