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2011 BMW 335d - As bad as its reputation?

335d is this car as bad as sounds according to all the complaints

You don’t say why you are asking . I assume you are thinking of buying one. If that is the case I say if it has you on the internet asking then maybe you should look for something that does not have you worrying before you even look at it.

Here in the states we really don’t know much about diesel BMWs. Just a handful were sold here. Maybe an international member can help.

Drivers average around 33 mpg according to this:

But it is rare, I’d rather have a gas powered one.

Try and see if they have threads on this car. Join and ask your question there. BMWs are unusual enough that your best bet is to find a specialized forum to get information.

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I drove a 2009 335d once. I thought it was very nice. 6+ speed automatics really help out the diesels, given their narrower power band. Even with the turbo-diesel the 335d was plenty quick, and according the owner returned 35-37 MPG on the highway. The guy that owned it was in sales and puts about 50k miles a year on a car. The 335d seems like it would be an ideal car for that kind of work, particularly if you needed/wanted something a little nicer than a TDI Jetta. I know they didn’t sell too many of them, but I’ve never heard of them being any more or less reliable than the other 3 series of the same vintage.

It it were me, like @texases, said, I’d take a gasoline powered one, like the 335i. The M235i was on my short list last time I bought a daily driver, but once you got it optioned up it with the things you want in a new car, it’s a $50k+ car, which made not as appealing in terms of value for money.