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2011 BMW 328 - Major Repair

So I have a bmw 328i 2011. It is at the BMW dealer ship, and they just emailed me saying it needs to have mechatronics and fluids replaced at a price of $4,466, and replace Trans at a price of $8,488. I am a bit confused because I took my car there without any check engine sings or anything, besides the car not wanting to run at times it sorta would get stuck but will turn on with no issue. I am going to get my car out of there, but not sure what to do next, any info please would be appreciated.

This is easy , Trade it off now.

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Also, never take an expensive European car to the dealer when it is out of warranty. They view their mission to restore every part and system of one of “their” cars to as new specs.

Transmission shouldn’t cause a check engine light as far as I know but I’m not very familiar with that car either. You said the car gets stuck but starts back up? I take it to mean the car just dies, at a stop for example and you start it back up and go about your day? I have seen a transmission do this causing the engine to stall. Does it feel like the car still wants to pull even when your on the brakes? Regardless from those prices I have to agree with trade it.

Definitely wont be doing that anymore, I am still looking around for mechanics that do work on European cars, and then Ill plan on trading it in, not sure what model car.

So, the car starts with no problem, does not turn off or anything. As I try to accelerate it does not go, moves very slowly, but does not accelerate I attempt to do it. There is no issue as I move backwards, no the car does not feel like it wants to pull when I push on the brakes. So far the have told me its an issue with the mechatronic cables but those prices are ridiculous.

Get two or thee opinions for expensive repairs.

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I assumed that newer cars would have codes for the transmission, esp something like a BMW. As I am disabled now I have not worked too much with cars that are in the 10 year range that’s why I put in as far as I know lol. Thanks for the resource I’m reading over it now. :grinning: