1996 BMW 328IS to sell or not to sell

A year or so ago, I purchased a mint BMW 328IS from a friend. The car is absolutly mint. Since I have had it, I have had to spend about 1k for various updates and parts that go around 96000 (that is the mileage). I hear horror stories about engine rebuild and failing transmission. I am thinking that I should sell the car before I need “big” repairs. I really don’t think I can get what I paid for it in the present market. Is it worth keeping and bitting the bullet if the big bucks items come up??? I am basing my decision on speculation of failure. I can do most of my maintenance except for some electonic testing for which I don’t have the tools.

There are few horror stories on BMW of failing engines or tranny’s. They are a very strong point are quite reliable if maintained.

You bought a 13 year car, repairs really maintenance on a car that old of $1000 is really not bad.

Anything over 8yrs/150k is more likely to incur major expenses on occasion.

As far as selling the depreciation is minimal year to year and really not a consideration. Yes this past year was higher but that is the entire car market not just yours.

No one can predict the future but I don’t see any problem keeping the car. You will change the oil and all the fluids and will maintain the car properly. Give the transmission special maintenance attention if it an automatic. If the motor isn’t burning any oil and has been maintained well up to now it should be able to go lots more than 96K miles.

$1,000 a year for a car this old and for which parts are priced higher than average is not bad at all. I’d budget and expect to pay at least that amount per year. If you get by with less for 3 years then when something big comes along you’ll just be catching up with your budget.