2011 Audi Q7 - I did add blue

Keeps the message “Ad Blue” even after we put it and check the oil. keeps telling me that at X amout of miles will shut down and wont turn on… this is the first time this happens. Ay assistance?

I believe you have to drive the car for about 20 miles for it to reset.
if it still does not then you might have to bring it to the dealer. they should be able to reset it with their scanner.

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Did you refill the diesel exhaust fluid reservoir? This is not related to the engine oil level.



Newer diesel engines require a supply of both diesel fuel in the fuel tank and diesel exhaust additive (AdBlue) in another tank. The engine will run with only the former, but the latter is needed to reduce unhealthy exhaust emissions. US emissions rules probably requires the manufacturer to program the car’s drivetrain computer to prevent the owner from running the engine if the exhaust additive tank has run out.