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2015 Audi Q5 had oil change but shows Add Quart of Oil message


Oil service just done and add one quart of oil message comes on.

Oil service just done and add one quart of oil message comes on.
If a shop did the oil change check the dipstick to make sure they put enough oil in if you did the oil change do the same thing.

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Either your engine is actually low on oil or the oil level sensor is giving a false reading. Check the dipstick and see what the situation is. Low oil is the most likely but we don’t know for sure yet.

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No dipstick on this car.

Go to the oil level screen on the “Car” section of the display and see if the oil level is low. If you don’t know how to do this, it is in your owners manual. If you still can’t figure out how to do this, take it to the Audi dealer and they will show you and check the oil level and add as needed.

PAY ATTENTION to this warning!!! Low oil levels will destroy your engine if you ignore this message!


Do what Mustangman says right away.

What type of shop did this oil change?


Well, crud. That means the OP will have to assume the level sensor is working correctly.

He could:

  1. Add a qt and see if the message goes away.
  2. Replace the sensor and see if it makes a difference.
  3. Drain the oil and see how much comes out.

Without first verifying the actual oil level, I don’t think that this is a good idea.

How to do that?

Perhaps by having an Audi dealer use their specialized electronic equipment to “read” the oil level.
Just a thought…

The engine was under filled during the oil change, add 1 quart of oil. I see no reason to believe that the oil level monitor is failing.


Is this another one of those one and done questions ? Will we hear from Kharris again ?

What I would like to know did this person even call the oil change place about seeing the low oil message ?

I agree. If the dash readout says it’s a quart low, and they add a quart, and the readout says ok, then that’s it.

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She’s probably busy getting ready to become VP.

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Doesn’t anybody comment on the idiocy of building a $35000 car with no dipstick? They put in a complex sensor system, far more expensive than a dipstick, and leave the owner no way of verifying the accuracy of the system.
Question: is the sensor at the “one-quart-low” horizontal level in the oil pan such that you could loosen the sensor and see if oil comes out? That would alleviate my complaint.
If I were the OP, I would go back to the oil change people and have them measure what comes out. It has been a long time since I have had my oil changed by someone else, but I remember their oil nozzle had a measurement gauge that certainly was NOT a high-precision device.


My scary thought, they forgot to put in oil and one quart low is the only warning, ie: not 2 3 or 4 quarts low etc.


I watched a youtube video for this problem on an Audi. In that case, the add oil light was always on. The mechanic noted that the open=door display to the driver did not show that the hood was open, when he should. The logic was that unless the hood opened, the oil depth sensor was not queried for a new reading. Fixing the switch at the hood switch cleared the problem.
The engine also had a hole for a dip stick, but it had a small plastic cover. I guess the dealership has a special tool to insert, so that they can charge for checking the oil. I think the tool is called an AUDI dipstick!

No dipstick is a stupid idea. It cannot be a matter of production line penny pinching to shave costs because they replace a dipstick with a total manufacturing cost of 25 cents or less with a far more and expensive complex system.

If it were me, I would just add a quart and see what happens. A quart over (assuming that would even be the case) would hurt nothing. Two or three quarts might be an issue.
That brings up the quart of oil issue. The message means it’s at least a quart down but could be more.

The OP did not state who did the oil service but if it was a fast lube facility or even the more upscale dealer fast lube facility it could be that someone young likely added the wrong amount since there are 3 engine options with varying amounts from under 5 to more than 7 quarts.


In the video I saw, the oil-level system displayed the actual level, not just a warning of one-qt low.
I personally would not trust the system to be accurate, since the oil was recently changed. Of course, adding just one-half quart should also shut off the warning.

why so pessimistic?

here’s what I think happened

The oil change place pumped in the new oil and just gave the car back, without the very important next step . . . which is letting the engine idle a few minutes, shut it off, recheck the fluid level and top off as needed. Depending on the vehicle, that top-off can easily be 1/2 quart or more