2011 and newer Nissan Frontier

Hi, good evening. I posted a few weeks ago about used Colorados. One suggestion was that I consider the Frontier. I researched that and am leaning towards taking that advice.

Looking at used, S, SV, or SL. Prefer 4x2 but will do 4x4, manual if I can get, crew cab (4 door). I am not highly mechanically inclined but will definitely get it inspected…maybe twice.

What sort of issues should I be looking for and questions I should be asking?

Thanks so much!!

There is your answer. No need to ask questions and no one can predict what will go wrong . Forget the manual , look for an SV automatic with towing package . That is what we had.

Overall it looks like a pretty reliable ride. We don’t seem to get many comments about difficult to diagnose problems here about the Frontier. I happened to see one on the road today (a white one) and thought it was a pretty nice looking truck. Suggest you verify that yourself using the forum search feature. I’m seeing some problem reports about an abnormally slow or rough idle on the 4-banger 2.4 engine, caused by an interaction b/t the ecm and the exhaust system. Besides that, just the normal stuff all cars seem to have, air bags, evap valves, wiring harness problems, and anything that’s automatic convenience feature, like keyless ignition, cruise control, auto door locks, moon roof, abs, blue tooth, cell phone, & ipod interface, etc.

The automatic appears to be a CVT design, so again you can use the forum search feature to see the comments here about the Nissan CVT design. I’d advise to find a version w/a standard manual transmission and as few electronic gizmos and gadgets as possible. Beyond that, make sure you ask your own mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection, and to have some focus on the idle quality.

If anyone is complaining about the CVT transmission in their Nissan pickup truck those posts should be ignored, the Frontier has a conventional automatic transmission.


You just will not give up will you , those are the features that most people want and there are very few vehicles that don’t have them. And No, our Frontier did not have a CVT .

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Yes, that’s correct. There’s a CVT-related tsb in the Frontier’s customer interest database however, creating some confusion.

They havent changed the design on this truck in many years so they should have most of the bugs ironed by now if you are looking at a newer one. Havent heard many real complaints about them other than they are outdated compared to the competition which to me is a plus .The garbage they put in cars and trucks today is ridiculous . The 4.0 liter is supposed to be a good engine albeit a little thirsty . One of the few Nissans left that does have a conventional tranny .