2010 Toyota Corolla - Heat shield price

Estimated price range for replacing the rusted out heat shield?

Also, hear acorns rattling when fan level on 2 or above. Car sat parked outside since 3/2020 due to Covid. Yikes. Thanks, Karen

As the boys state, that’s if you can even get a replacement heat shield.

Have someone remove the blower motor to clean out any acorns.


You might study the situation over at www.rockauto.com, maybe you can find a new exhaust heat shield for your Corolla there. I didn’t see anything on a quick glance tho. Another source is a wrecked Corolla, either from your local auto parts recycling place, or from www.picknpull.com.

I’d guess a new one would bring around $125, used maybe $50. Parts cost only.

A local exhaust shop can probably improvise a way to keep the heat shield on. It’s not an easily found part.


That’s a very good idea posted by shanonia above. It’s possible for example a shield could be available as a new part for a newer Corolla that could be bent/pounded, etc, & made to fit your car.

Heat shield came loose on my 2012 Corolla and made a lot of buzz noise when accelerating.My mechanic fixed it in 5 minutes at no charge. He knew exactly what to look for since he sees a lot of them in his shop with the same problem.