2009 Pontiac Vibe heat shield loose

Heat shield above catalytic converter loose and vibrating. How much should I pay for repair?

Really no way to tell without seeing the damage in person. Any muffler shop can solve this. It could be simple or really bad.

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I live near Buffalo NY, In our climate we just take them off and throw them away, of course if it is a daily driver we do the same thing with our cars at about 12 Years.

I’d guess 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, so around $50 to $150.


If you look along the highways/freeways, you’ll see heat shield carcasses laying along side the roads where the owners never realized they were lost.

As long as the carpet doesn’t melt on the floor, you’re good to go.


I hit a bad ice bump with my Corolla, loosening the heat shield. The repair cost $64 to re-weld it on. Yours may differ IF it can be repaired.

Heat shields should be kept intact. They help prevent fires from starting if, say, you are driving or parked over something flammable like vegetation, or paper. Such a fire can get out of control and consume the car and more. Keeping the carpet from melting - or starting an in-car fire - is an important function of heat shields, but not the only one.

I was lucky to see in my mirror a heat shield slide away from my1999 Honda. I retrieved it and my local muffler shop put it back on with long hose clamps. $10.

Yes, my brother in law had a Ford and an overheated converter set the carpets on fire on a trip. Apparently the heat shield had fallen off and the car was out of tune, severely heating up the converter.

Here’s what Tom and Ray have to say on the subject.

Along with 99% of mechanics.