2010 toyota corolla - AC not turning on

I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla, not sure of engine size, 101K miles, and my entire ac system decided to stop working on my way home from work (fan and compressor). I checked all the fuses in the car and under the hood. There is a 50a fuse labled “air conditioning system” in the book, but under the hood, I can’t seem to find it. Where that fuse should be, a plastic cover is over it so I’m guessing there isn’t one or it’s a different type of fuse. I pulled the center console out and saw several relays. I’m not sure if any of those are AC related and was hoping one of you might know as the book does not label them. I was also wondering if the speed selector could have anything to do with it. All the lights light up except for the “A/C”, so I’m guessing that’s related. See pics below. I’d like to try and go through this myself but, it sounds like I might have to take it in to get it checked out.

This is the diagram your looking for.


I’d first check voltage going to compressor clutch, if getting 12v+, and clutch isn’t activating, it’s seemingly a faulty compressor/clutch. If there’s no voltage it could be a fuse, relay, low refrigerant, refrigerant pressure switch on dash, wiring, and/or computer(bcm). I replaced the compressor and dryer pack(?) on my 2006 corolla back in 2011, still works okay today. Prepare to learn a good bit air refrigeration, or spend hundreds if not over a thousand dollars. I was quoted $2,000 to fix mine, so I searched the web and learned.