2013 Subaru Outback - Infotainment issue

The only knobs at work on my radio now are the volume on off and tuner… Space the scan reselect stations none of that works and nothing works on the steering wheel for the radio but the cruise control does work on the steering wheel

not sure about your vehicle. but there is a clock spring in your steering column under the steering wheel. when they go bad it effects the radio controls and cruise control on your steering wheel. do not try to change yourself you can set off the air bag!!

Sorry for the late reply but personally I doubt it’s the clock spring. it seems to me that if it were, only the controls on the steering wheel would be affected. IMHO, the problem is more likely to be in the radio itself. Your best bet is a car audio shop.

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It has been awhile since I looked this up but there is a software update for the audio system. Since you are out of warranty, a dealer will charge you about $150 to do this, but you can do this yourself as long as you have basic computer skills.

Use Google to find the software package. Then download it to a thumb drive. Print the instructions. Then plug the thumb drive into the USB port located in the center console compartment and follow the instructions.

The software update was specifically to solve issues with bluetooth connectivity but it might also refresh the software to the point that everything will work again. Otherwise you are in for a new head unit. You could go after market or buy a used head unit off eBay from someone else who has gone aftermarket.

Thank you so much for responding with this information.
Would I find that software update at Subaru or some other website?

Russell Andrews

I think it is available at Subaru.com but you have to have a membership there. I believe it can be found at other sites, just google for it.