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2010 pt cruiser

I’ve had my 2001 pt cruiser for about a year now. it has had a crack in the engine that leaks engine coolant, we have sealed the crack and the leak seems to have stopped. today i started my car and began to accelerate onto the road on my way home and i began hearing a clicking or patting noise. thinking my tire had deflated, i began pulling over to the shoulder, then my engine light came on (yellow) and my brakes locked up, followed by my steering. then my oil light came on and the car sounded like it just “shut off.” what could be going on??? electrical-the radio LED lights in the dash flicker when you put pressure on the steering wheel they will come on, & the horn will only honk if you press in a certain place with alot of pressure. my oil is full, my engine coolant is full. i cant think of what might be wrong now. any ideas??

First is that a 2010 or a 2001?

If it is under warranty see the dealer. If not I would start by looking for a bad ground at the dash board.