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2010 Prius winter tires

I would like some opinion on whether the new prius, which monitors tire pressure,will be out of whack if i buy a set of rims for these winter tires

It depends on how it monitors tire pressure. Some systems have tire pressure sensors, and some systems use the sensors from the ABS/stability management/traction control systems. If the Prius uses the ABS/SM/TC sensors to monitor tire pressure by monitoring wheel speed, they will work just fine with winter tires/rims.

The owner’s manual may give you some indication of which type of system the Prius uses.

A real downer of TPMS is people who need or like winter tires/rims.

You can get separate rims with the sensors at added cost. I would advise buying from as they have the sensors for added cost and mount/balance the tire to wheel for free.

Tirerack likely has the definitive answer about opting or not for the TPMS. Subaru owners I know just let the TPMS light illuminate all winter without issue due to the lack of sensors in their winter rims.

I second the Tirerack recommendation for your situation. They can get you a set of mounted and balanced wheels/tires with tpms ready to bolt on. I would trust them.

A very expensive option at that. Just went through the motions on there and if you want TPMS with rims and tires(getting new rims AND tires for the winters) would be $352, and the mounting/balancing are free of charge without the TPMS