2010 Nissan Sentra in limp mode, brake lights out, abs lights on, cruise control won't work

We started having problems first with the car dying at stops, and having to be restarted. We had the oxygen sensor cleaned, and it stopped that problem. Then my ABS lights came on, and my cruise control stopped working. When the car was cold and I tried to take off (forward or reverse) the rpms would not go above 1000, and the car would only move like it was idling. I read in a closed discussion on this forum that it was the stop light switch under the brake pedals so we got one and changed it out. Same problems. So we thought we had a bad one, so we exchanged it, and the tech at the Auto Parts store said “Maybe you have a fuse out.” We changed the stop light switch again, same problem. We found a blown fuse marked “stop light.” It is a $2.70 fuse, 10 amps. We put it in, and the brake lights worked. I planned to put it in the shop the next day, having read that it could be the air inlet sensor, the throttle body needing cleaning, the transmission, the transmission fluid…anyway, I had to go to the store this morning, and the ABS light was out, the cruise control was working, and the car no longer ran in “limp mode.”

Before you do anything else, change the fuse!

Cool. Fixing the stop light fuse repaired the abs system. What do you mean by limp mode? That car would not “work”, so it was in limp mode? What does that mean?