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ABS light and slow mode 2003 KIA

Don’t have all the facts yet, but on 45 mile commute for buds wife abs light comes on, then the car goes into limp mode. She pulls over stops, restarts then all is good for a week or so. I do not know every car, but kind of thinking wheel speed sensor in bearings, but I know less than others, your thoughts? Bud is letting wife use his car and driving hers and 5 mile commute 1 week no symptoms yet. No other idiot lights.

I agree, sounds like the speed sensor. Maybe a good cleaning will help, if not a replacement might do the trick. I had one “bad” sensor once. On my car the sensor is mounted on a cheap piece of metal, which was slightly bent out of shape. Cleaning it and bending it back resolved my problem.

If the ABS light came on then the codes must have been stored. I will have the codes read and see what they lead to.

ABS light to limp home mode sound more serious than just a speed sensor. Seems like there should be something else going on. Agree with @galant pull the stored codes.

Not all code readers will pull codes for ABS. Most will probably pull the code(s) for the Limp Mode, but find a reader/scanner that will definitely read ABS DTCs.

2004 Kia Optima 6 Cyl Auto.“Both brake lights flash on while on cruise control and radio stops working, and seems like car is brakeing without pedal being pressed, sometimes for a minute, sometimes for several seconds” No codes
Forwarding the post to the owner so he can chime in.