2010 Nissan Maxima trans fluid change

I want to change the CVT trans fluid in my 2010 Maxima SV.- doesn’t need it, I just want to. One guy told me that I need to find a “weep hole” near the radiator? and (after draining) refill the fluid until it starts to run out of the weep hole. Is this true? Can’t I just refill the same amount as I drained and check the level after?? thanks, jeff.

You can cause thousand of dollar of damage if you do it wrong…why change it on your own?

My feeling is if you are asking that kind of question on a forum than you should have it done by the Nissan dealer so you will get the proper fluids and done correctly. The vehicle is now 8 years old and if it is working fine I would not mess with myself.

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Really on a CVT it needs to be changed by the dealer or at least a good shop and every 30K. I just had my trans fluid, transfer case, and rear differential fluid changed and cost me a total of $300. Considering about half of that was for the fluids, its really not that bad.

So you have a dipstick? Then go for it. Use only Nissan CVT fluid.

Thats the way I used to do it on my old Acura with no dipstick, but some like my Pontiac have to be in the air and filled with a pump. Just not worth it and I don’t have a lift.

Yes, it does need changed and being a 2010 probably needed to be changed a long time ago.

As for a transmission weep hole I have no idea what that is or where it would be located.

If you change the fluid and the transmission dies at some point in the future after that don’t blame the fluid change. The cause would be never having changed it to begin with.

This is how I’d do it as a diy’er: First check the fluid level (using the transmission dipstick) before doing the fluid replacement. Add as much back in as drained out, then re-check the fluid level. It should be at the same place on the dipstick. Then top it off to the full mark.

Note that when checking the fluid level, the transmission must be at operating temperature, which means driving 15 -20 minutes, then park on a level spot, keep engine idling, parking brake on, depress brake pedal and shift through all the gear selections then follow the instruction in the owner’s manual how to use the dipstick gauge.

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Thanks, all. thanks, ok4450, thanks george san jose1.
I do have only 60K on the car-which runs flawlessly- and , oddly, the manuals etc don’t say anything about changing cvt fluid before that. But I am the kind of person who takes exceptional care of my cars.

This might be a misunderstanding of the role of the radiator in automatic transmissions - at least in traditional ones: trans fluid flows through the bottom of the radiator, that has tubes separate from the ones that carry coolant. One procedure for changing trans fluid involves undoing the hoses that carry the fluid into and out of the radiator; then let the old fluid drain out while new fluid is being drawn in. That’s the general idea - don’t try this without more study.

I don’t know if CVTs use this setup for cooling the ATF.

On many manual transmissions – like my Corolla for example – to refill the transmission you pour the fluid into the top hole until it starts to dribble out (or one could say “weep”) the same hole. That hole is directly opposite and about 4-5 inches from the radiator. In normal operation that hole is plugged. Only popped open for re-filling. Perhaps that is what they meant. Since your CVT has a dipstick, I doubt that is how it is done with your transmission. But anything’s possible, I don’t have any personal experience with your transmission. On most transmissions there’s also an air vent at the very top of the transmission case. But I wouldn’t call that a “weep” hole.

From the Schedule 2 Nissan maintenance at 30k miles. Any CVT should get 30k miles fluid changes.

Premium Maintenance adds the following services to Schedule 1 & 2:

Lubricate all locks/hinges

Replace automatic transmission/CVT/eCVT fluid

Replace engine coolant

Replace differential oil

Replace engine drive belts

Replace manual transmission oil (if applicable)

Replace radiator cap

Replace transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)

Replace wiper blades

Inspect the following:
__ All lights
__ Headlights/adjust if necessa

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