2009 Nissan Max CVT issue

I took my 2009 Maxima to a “quickie” oil & lube chain on 5/2013, because they were booked at the dealership. The chain put regular transmission fluid in the car and now i’m at the dealership 2000 miles later for an oil change and they are saying the car should’ve shut down on me within 100 miles of this being changed! The car is running fine and I haven’t had ANY problems.
The dealership states the wrong transmission fluid MUST be switched out immediately and they will need to complete the drain and replace process and least 3 times and “hope” that I don’t have any more problems.
Is this correct? While I’m very grateful, why didn’t it shut down on me within 100 miles instead of at the 2000 mile mark almost 1 1/2 mos later? I drive this car EVERY day.
Just looking for confirmation that my service guy isn’t taking me for a ride since they work off commission

They are correct. The unfortunate thing is now you have a potentially damaged transmission and likely you will face the $3000-$5000 CVT replacement sooner rather than latter.

I would get the quickie place to do two things. Refund the cost of change and/or also pay for the flush of transmission with proper fluid.

Dependent on how nice or not your dealership is you basically voided the warranty on your transmission. There are even issues with this CVT that nissan felt obligated to extended your CVT warranty to 10yrs/120,000 miles however with the caveat Nissan approved CVT fluid only used. Hopefully dealership turns a blind eye.

cvt use a different fluid then a reg. tranns useing the wrong fluid can do damage to a cvt that said using the wrong fluid is not good for the health of a cvt. it toke about that long for the fluid to brake down.

Yes, get it changed. Any chance the quickie lube place used some kind of ‘CVT’ fluid? That might explain why it didn’t fail quickly. But I’d only use factory fluid in it, no matter what.

I agree with the others here. Get the fluid changed and never darken the door of a “quickie lube” place again. BTW…I would never have had the nerve to take a CVT equipped vehicle to a quickie lube in the first place given their shoddy reputation.

“I took my 2009 Maxima to a “quickie” oil & lube chain on 5/2013, because they were booked at the dealership.”

If i am reading correctly, was the dealer who booked the quickie place?

As all have said change the fluid. But if the dealer send you to the quickie place the may share the pain of their mistake.

I think they meant the dealer was too busy.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate the advice. I’ve already filed a claim with the chain that I went through so hopefully they will do the right thing and I won’t need to take legal action against them.
I have learned a valuable lesson and won’t be dealing with anyone other than Nissan.
I bought the car because i thought it was “cute” not really understanding the CVT and etc that came along with it

Did the quick-lube place drain and replace the transmission fluid or did they just add a little to bring it up to the proper level…Why are you certain they used incorrect fluid?