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Mercedes noise under the hood

Last week I noticed that my engine (2006 ML350 33,000 miles )was not sounding as it normally does. I called my foreign car repair shop that normally maintains my car but could not get an appointment for several days. My husband thought that it was possibly a bad bearing in one of the belt pulleys near power steering pump. The noise was getting louder so my shop looked at it sooner and determined I needed a power steering pump, reservoir, gasket, fluid,accessory belt tensioner and belt for a grand total of $1456. I had no choice but to get the repair.When I picked up my car it still didn’t sound right. I was told it would take a little time to break in. Well all week my car was making a lot of different sounds until it got so loud I wouldn’t drive it. I took it in today and got the call that it needed what I think was called a/c tensioner pulley. The charge will be another $250 but they won’t charge me labor. I just want to know if this seems possible. (Car drove fine and no problems with steering before first repair)

Hate to say it but it seems to me they replaced the wrong parts.

Remco is right and don’t think this is the first time this has happened…A Benz P.S. pump should be good for far more than 33K miles…Live and learn…And find a new shop…

One more agreement with Remco. And with Caddyman on finding another shop.