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2010 Kia Forte EX

I have a 2010 Forte EX with 47,000 on it. It seems to have a “cold start” problem when temps are cold. For the first 10-15 min. when on the highway the engine starts cutting out or hesitating and the check engine light flashes off and on. It also stalls on occasion at stop lights. After those 10 min. the car runs fine. I have taken it to the Kia dealer and they have re-created the problem but was told there was no codes for the check engine light. They told me they called Kia Corp. and when they asked Kia what to do, Kia said “uh, I dunno”!!
So, apparently the dealer can’t do anything without a code and Kia Corp. doesn’t know what to do either! Does anybody have an idea as to what could be causing this “cold start” problem, such as fuel pump, fuel filter etc? The dealer said they checked those things and those components check out. Are there no mechanics anymore or just computer techs that run diagnostics and let the codes tell them what is wrong?!!

Here’s what I can tell you.

When the Check Engine light flashes on and off it means a major misfire is occuring. Each time the Check Engine light flashes it means damage to the catalytic converter(s) is occuring.

The dealer should be able to hook up a scanner with the Check Engine light off and look up the history codes. These are codes that are stored in the computer when the Check Engine light comes on or flashes and then when the Check Engine light turns back off.

So bring the vehicle back into the dealer and ask them to check for history codes. And if they say there are none, then there’s something wrong with the computer for the vehicle and should be replaced free of charge.


@tejo the next time the car acts up don’t shut off the engine. Immediately drive to the Kia dealer and ask them to hook up their scanner.
Since you are still in the same drive cycle as when the fault occurred there is a better chance for them to recover any fault codes.

Thanks for the tips. I will give them this info. When this first occurred 2 weeks ago, they did find a code for a brake light switch failure (C1513). Also said they “could not duplicate miss issue.” Told me to bring it back when it happens more consistently. Which it did and I did take it back, where it sits over the weekend waiting for a Monday morn cold start. One thing that bothers me is that they don’t appear to have any desire to investigate further because “there isn’t any codes showing.” Why can’t they use your logic & reasoning and go from there? Again, thanks for both of the tips and suggestions. I will let you know how this progresses. So far their work has been under warranty at no charge, maybe that’s the problem? No incentive perhaps?!!

The problem is likely that the service techs get paid by the job rather than the hour. If they can’t duplicate the problem immediately, they are wasting time and not getting paid. So they really don’t have any incentive to work on your car.

Do u have warranty? Pretty newish car. I would do the simple, basic stuff. New plugs, wires and coil packs. Do u have single coils for each cyl or a coil pack for each bank?

@Stoveguyy 2.0 4-cylinder coil on plug

Ok people. I got my car back after a week and it appears to be fixed , (so far). I was probably too hard on the service dept. about depending on codes, perhaps a bit impatient? They did finally get some codes . They said they installed a GDS/Flight Record and got P0560 code (System Voltage) and a P0335 (Crankshaft Position Sensor). Long story short, they replaced crankshaft position sensor and it runs fine now! Hopefully this was the reason why the gas mileage tanked also, from 31mpg to 24 mpg. Thanks again for the advice and comments. I will use this forum again for the next problem that pops up!? Oh yeah, this was all under warranty!! No charge, how often can you say that?!

If you didn’t know that is is under warranty, then you need to read the warranty guide in your glove box. The full warranty is in force for 60 moths or 60,000 miles. There are other warranties in force after that one expires in 13,000 miles.