KIA reports it's "glow plugs" have an issue; the car is not a diesel

My 2014 KIA Forte EX began flashing a check engine light and power dropped off drastically. The first shop said the ignition coil on one of the plugs and the plug itself was bad. They fixed it at a very high price and I was told I should replace the other coils as they would probably go bad soon.

I thought I had been way overcharged on this repair and decided to return to my old shop. I’d changed to this new one because of a move, but I trusted the old one. I went back and they told me they were getting a glow plug reading from the computer. This car is gas. They recommended I go to the dealer for further repairs and to check the system software.

I would appreciate some thoughts on this. I’m not sure how firmware changes from one version to another by itself. It feels like the first shop may be scamming me, but I’d like some insights if you can provide some.

Any help much appreciated!


What code numbers were retrieved?

If it is truly providing a code that only applies to diesels, then there is a glitch. May very well require a visit to a dealership.

For future reference, with a flashing CEL to prevent more damage the vehicle should be towed rather than driven.

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Sounds like the scan tool software is outdated and displaying corrupt information. The dealer has up to date scan tools.

I’ll get it from the shop.


Glow plugs are only found on diesel engines, never on a gas engine. I am guessing they got a p1326 code. on a diesel it would be for a glow plug relay. but on a gas vehicle it is for a {P1326 KIA Code - Knock Sensor Detection System)

P1326 KIA Code Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Tech Notes (

there is a recall safety campaign for this problem, but your car was not included. it was for 2012-2013 forte. but you can check with your dealer to see if the recall has been updated to include your year.

Kia Global Information System - TSB (


Yes, it was p1326. And thanks much for the info!

This is the service bulletin with engine replacement instructions for P1326:

Kia Global Information System - TSB (

Thank you very much! again. This problem first occurred when I was driving the car back from the hospital from visiting my wife and this type of help is very welcome.

Oh my. With a little luck, hopefully that isn’t the problem OP is contending with.

If a diagnostic code scanner gadget retrieves a diesel code for a gasoline engine, likely causes

  • Some sort of problem with the scan tool.
  • Shop tech using the scanner is misinterpreting the displayed output data.
  • Powertrain computer’s configuration table is incorrect or corrupted.

First step, try again using dealership scan tool w/highly experienced tech using it. Second step, ask dealership to verify the powertrain computer’s configuration table matches the car’s actual components.

A friend of mine had to go to garage with this issue.

Interesting. Do you know how your friend’s car-problem was resolved @Uvuaua ?