03 Jeep Liberty Stereo Quit

Just bought my 03 Liberty. Playing with the sunroof on the way home and the radio died. No lights, no sound, nothing. Everything else on the car seems to work, and I looked at any fuses related to the radio and they seemed ok. Any thoughts?

Did you actually find a fuse marked radio? Possible a fuse box you missed. How tough does it look like to pull the radio? OEM radio? The radio will have two power sources one switched on constant I think your constant has failed,you may have to pull the radio and check for voltages present.

No fuse dedicated exclusively to the radio. Three separate fuses list radio along with other components, all of which seem to be working. Not sure how to pull the radio w/o damaging trim, but I’ll have to look closer or buy a manual. Yes, it’s an OEM radio. Thanks for any help