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2010 Honda CRV - Key release sensor?

Hi - was hoping to get some thoughts on an issue I’m having with being unable to remove the key from the ignition of a 2010 Honda CRV (while in park). Generally the problem resolves if I wiggle the shifter or shift to reverse and back into park, so I think the issue is the sensor/switch in the shifter assembly that tells the ignition lock to release the key when the car is put in park. Does anyone know what that sensor/switch is called? Been looking around for a while but I’m not sure if it’s part of the shift interlock solenoid, the neutral safety switch, or some other creature. Thanks for any help!

I believe your owner’s manual will contain instructions for how to release the key
in this situation. Mine did (2011).

Thanks. I should have specified - I’m looking to replace the broken switch/sensor (if that’s the issue), so I’m really trying to figure out what part to buy.